What We Do

At Greenlight Sports Management we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise together to drive your career forwards.

We work with drivers to identify and manage the best opportunities and prepare development programmes to further their career. The Greenlight Sports Management team are dedicated to seeing our clients succeed on and off track and we do this by offering a wide variety of services and support that include:

Access to our management team and mentoring services provides a structured programme crucial to a driver’s development and personal growth. We are there every step of the way (on and off-track) to guide, nurture and build confidence to achieve the best results for you.
Utilising the years of experience, knowledge and contacts the Greenlight Sports Management team have amassed during their own successful careers in the motorsport industry, the young driver mentoring service provides a tailored and structured programme crucial to the development and personal growth of younger drivers. Through our trusted network of specialists we can support drivers in areas that will further enhance their development, including driver coaching and simulator training, fitness and nutrition, branding and content creation, PR and communications, sponsorships and partnerships.
We develop a strategic vision for your career based on your requirements, budget and goals. Exploration and evaluation of every opportunity ensure the right decisions are made to get you in the right seat, at the right time and on the path to success.
To allow our drivers to focus on racing, we make sure that we help reduce any distraction. With years of experience of the essential elements of driver deals, we can take care of and negotiate all of the back of house details so you don’t have to. From meetings with manufacturers and teams, to ensuring full sporting and financial benefit from every opportunity – and everything in between.
Every driver needs to continue to develop their driving skills to an advanced level throughout their career. From a hugely experienced extended team of experts, we analyse, identify and provide the tailor-made support, tools and techniques to build up self-evaluation skills and knowledge so that you can be faster, more confident and feel in total control.
Performance coaching and simulator training form part of our driver training framework conducted with our coaches and engineers. Not just offering a cost-effective way to hone driving skills and refine technique, it provides data for analysis and measurement so that you can extract the most out of the car, equipment and team.
A race driver is a crucial component in getting every ounce of performance out of a race car. Bespoke and structured plans for nutrition as well as physical and mental fitness need to be implemented to achieve optimal racing efficiency. Greenlight Sports Management provide access to leading industry experts that enable the proper preparation for a competitive edge.
Our professional administration support complements our services and provides a turnkey solution to drivers. We can cover all driving and race-related admin, from the organisation of VISAs, medicals, licenses and insurance, to coordination of logistics, travel and accommodation.
We’ll work with you to design, create and build your brand and provide the assets to ensure you are represented in the best possible way in all your promotions.
Representing yourself, the manufacturer, a team and its stakeholders in a professional and approachable way is imperative to showcasing a well-rounded and marketable driver. We offer media and marketing training as well as PR, website and social media management services to give you the very best possible assistance out of the car.
Our team have first-hand experience in sourcing, delivering and activating sponsorships and investments. We understand the need to maximise commercial opportunities and provide a measurable ROI. We can also advise you on the best way to approach your sponsorship search.