What we do

GSM are dedicated to seeing our clients succeed on and off the track.

We do this by offering a variety of services and supportthat include:

Management and Mentoring

Access to our management team and mentoring services provides a structured programme that is crucial to a driver’s development and personal growth. We are there every step of the way (on and off-track) to help, guide nurture and build confidence to achieve the best results for you

Performance & Development

Every driver needs to continue to develop their driving skills to an advanced level throughout their career. From a hugely experienced extended team of experts, we analyse, identify and provide the tailor-made support, tools and techniques to build up self-evaluation skills and knowledge so that you can be faster, more confident & feel in total control.

Career Strategy & Planning

› We develop a strategic vision for your career based on your requirements, budget and goals. Exploration and evaluation of every opportunity makes sure the right decisions are made to get you in the right seat, at the right time and on the path to success.

Representation & Negotiation

For drivers to focus on racing, we make sure that we help reduce any distraction. We know what is essential when it comes to driver deals, so we take care of and negotiate all back of house stuff, so you don’t have to. From meetings with manufacturers and teams to ensuring maximum sporting and financial benefit from every opportunity, and everything in between.

Driver Coaching & Simulator Training

Performance coaching and simulation training forms part of our driver training framework with our team of coaches and engineers. Not just offering a cost-effective way to hone driving skills and refine technique, it provides data for analysis and measurement so you can extract the most out of the car, equipment and team.
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