Addressing Carbon Emissions

Greenlight Sports Management (GSM) works with Forest Carbon to support UK woodland creation projects and continually looks for areas where the company and its clients can make improvements to calculate and reduce their carbon footprints. In addition to planting and managing trees, GSM and its clients are committed to evaluating further steps that can be made as part of a long-term approach to benefit the environment.

Forest Carbon lead the way when it comes to carbon-financed woodland creation, having made the case for a woodland carbon standard to the UK Forestry Commission over a decade ago. This led to the implementation of the Woodland Carbon Code in 2011, which continues to be owned and administered by the devolved arm of the Forestry Commission, Scottish Forestry.

All of Forest Carbon’s new woodlands are assured under the Woodland Carbon Code, which means they are all independently verified projects, certified to ISO 14064 standard, that offer real social and environmental benefits. As one of Europe’s least forested countries, the UK has plenty of space for new woodland to help mitigate the country’s emissions while potentially creating up to 10,000 new jobs in the process.

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